Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently. If you can?t find the answer you are looking for please don?t hesitate to contact us at info@taxfiler.co.uk

The tax code does not affect the amount of Personal Allowance available, only how it is collected under PAYE. For Self Assessment purposes the PAYE actually paid should be entered on the employment page based on the figures given in the P60. This P60 figure will have already taken into account the PAYE coding so no further adjustment is required for the Self Assessment tax return.

The computation will have the same personal allowance for all taxpayers unless they are born after 1938, have income of over £100,000 or do not have the Personal Allowance due to Residency status.

If there is underpaid tax for the previous tax year that has not been entered in then this can be entered in to the Underpayments, overpayments and adjustments screen, similarly employee benefits can be entered in through the Employment screen.

Yes, Taxfiler is a cloud-based solution. There is no need to download and install anything as Taxfiler software is a true Web based solution. Taxfiler works with Apple Mac and smart devices, using modern browsers.

We have a fully functioning online demo where you can review all our products, please click here to access the demo. You can also find some online help tutorials here.

Taxfiler should run in most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari. We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge and please be aware we have intermittent issues with Internet Explorer.

Yes, our award-winning iXBRL Accounts Preparation module is included at no extra cost
Our iXBRL Accounts Preparation solution does not include bookkeeping but includes links to a number of bookkeeping packages.

Taxfiler software is intuitive and very easy to use. Our online demo is fully functioning where you can review and test all our products. You can also find some online help tutorials here.

Taxfiler allows multiple users to access the same database concurrently. You must purchase a licence for each user who will access the system. We have customers with multiple offices, who have dozens of users, and process thousands of returns per year using our online services.

All communication with our servers is via secure HTTPS/SSL and we use verified SSL certificates with a full 2048 bit key, which is the latest recommended level of encryption. This ensures our servers are as secure from eavesdropping as we can make them.

Our servers are hosted in secure UK data centres and all data is safeguarded behind a multi-layered firewall. Each of our customers has their own set of database files ensuring that client information for one agent is not visible by another. Only Taxfiler technical staff have access to these servers. Database backups are encrypted and are also only accessible by Taxfiler technical staff.

We review server and data security on a regular basis and ensure all our systems are updated as necessary.

You can make use of our CSV data import facility that allows the import of client static information. The option is fully documented. This option is included with all our packages at no extra cost.

We don’t have the ability to convert tax return data from other tax software suppliers.

Please also note that any data conversion utility will not convert all the data as all data is held and processed differently. The only system that should be used for any HMRC investigations is the system you filed the return from.

All outputs (tax returns, computation, schedules, reports, etc.) can be downloaded in PDF format to your local computer. These can be stored, emailed or printed but remember to keep downloaded PDFs secure. For the Taxfiler PRO and TEAM packages you can also archive/restore your client(s) data in encrypted format.

Yes. We call it a Declaration form and you can download or print it after you have prepared the return for filing in the Review & File tab.

Yes. Taxfiler software has a full automatic roll-forward facility that copies all the relevant static information when you create the new tax return. This allows you to enter any new data (dates, amounts, etc.) as required.

Yes. Included in the software at no extra costs is the FTSE350 dividend feed. This allows the user to quickly input the client’s dividend income based on their shareholdings without looking externally. This is available for SA100 returns only.

Yes. To file online to Companies House, you need a Presenter ID and password. You would obtain this from Companies House.

To file online to HMRC you would need the HMRC Agents Filing Credentials and you obtain these from HMRC.

Once you have these filing credentials you can file on behalf of any client from whom you have received permission. Accounts submissions to Companies House are made through the Taxfiler accounts production module.

No. Our servers are all hosted in the UK.

To ensure that you do not have to keep re-entering your filing credentials we do store your Gateway User ID and the credentials are encrypted in your database.

Yes. We provide support by email only and endeavour to respond within an hour during business hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). This allows us to keep costs down and we pass these savings onto our customers.

There is also an online Help Centre that will help answer your questions.

There is short and simple registration process which only takes a few minutes. You can also setup the direct debit mandate at the same time but please have your bank details ready.

Please click here to access the registration form.