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Entering company or business details for the accounts

Company or business details for a set of accounts are entered via the Details tab of the accounts preparation page. Buttons Save changes saves any changes to the database. Note that changes will automatically be saved if you switch to another tab of the accounts page. Go to client switches to the?

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Trial balance data for the accounts

The figures in the accounts are primarily derived from the values in the trial balance. The trial balance is input in the Trial Balance tab of the accounts preparation page. Toolbar Save changes saves all the changes made to the trial balance. Note that the values will also be saved automatically?

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Contents to include in the accounts

The contents of the statutory accounts can be chosen using the Contents tab of the accounts preparation page, which includes the following sections: Status of the accounts Contents to include Signature Options Status of accounts ‘Type’ Select the type of accounts from the drop down list. ‘Small company (FRS 102 Section 1A)’.?

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Notes to the accounts

The notes to the statutory accounts are selected and modified using the Notes tab of the accounts preparation page. All possible notes for the accounts templates are listed. These differ depending on the type of accounts you are preparing, example of notes for a company are shown below A note that will?

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Accounting policies

Accounting policies are entered using the Policies tab of the accounts preparation page. Accounting policies always appear as the first numbered note in the accounts. Adding a new policy or paragraph Add a new policy or paragraph by clicking Add a new policy or paragraph This will open a new window listing?

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Previewing accounts

The accounts can be previewed and downloaded in the View tab of the accounts preparation page. Type This option applies to company & LLP accounts. Select the type of accounts that you wish to preview: ‘Full accounts (for members & HMRC)‘ (for companies) A full set of accounts that are suitable for?

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Checking and filing accounts

Checking and filing of Company accounts is done from the Check & File tab of the accounts preparation page. Reviewing errors and warnings Many errors and warnings will be displayed with a suggested fix and a button to drill down to the area with the issue. Any errors or warnings on the?

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