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If you have questions that you cannot find an answer to in the Help Centre, please send an email to support@taxfiler.co.uk.

Creating a new set of accounts

To create a new set of accounts, select the client from the CLIENTS list. Open the client and navigate to the Accounts tab. Click on +New set of accounts button. A new set of accounts can also be created from ACCOUNTS on the Taxfiler menu, click on + New Accounts button a new window?

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Submitting accounts to Companies House

Accounts can be submitted to Companies House via the Check & File tab of the accounts preparation page. You are not yet able to submit accounts for LLP clients online to Companies House, you will need to download the accounts in a filleted form and then post them to Co House. The?

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Submitting accounts to HMRC

Company accounts can only be submitted to HMRC by including them as an attachment with a Company Tax Return (CT600). Statutory Accounts prepared in Taxfiler can be attached to a tax return automatically in the Check & File tab of the accounts preparation page. Attaching accounts With a set of statutory accounts?

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Deleting statutory accounts

To delete a set of statutory accounts, open the accounts and select the the Details tab of the accounts preparation page. Click Delete accounts button. Note that all information about the accounts will be lost, including any records of submission to Companies House. This cannot be restored unless you have an archived copy?

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Accounting periods longer than a year

Long Accounting period using Taxfiler Accounting Module: Note – The computations and tax return will show the amounts apportioned on an amounts time basis, but the Capital Allowance figures will still be entered for the accounting period and not the period of accounts.  Where the accounts are for longer than a?

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Final accounts for FRS102

When a company is ceasing trading and being closed, there is no requirement to enter a cessation date – although you will need to end the accounts on this date.  You can enter the fact that you are using a breakup basis within the policies. This is accessed via the?

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Dormant accounts

It is not a requirement of Companies House to show the word “Dormant” on the front cover. If you wish to add the word Dormant to the title you can do this by going to the Contents tab, go to the Cover Sheet line and click on Edit and add to the title.?

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Cessation of a company

Final accounts need to be prepared from the last annual accounts to the final date of trading, this together with the CT600 need to be submitted to HMRC. FRS102 Accounts Within Taxfiler this can be done by entering a breakup basis within the policies for the accounts. Select the Policies?

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