Taxfiler Help Centre

If you have questions that you cannot find an answer to in the Help Centre, please send an email to support@taxfiler.co.uk.

Tools page

This page is accessed by clicking TOOLS (Spanner icon) on the Taxfiler menu. Here you will find any Taxfiler tools that you are entitled to use with your licence. Some tools may be restricted so only administrators will be able to use them. Quick Reporting This tool provides a way to extract filtered?

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Import clients from a .CSV file

Taxfiler provides a tool which allows the import of basic client information (code, name, address etc) from a CSV file. This can be found on the TOOLS page from the Taxfiler menu. CSV files are one of the most commonly supported import/export formats and many applications support the export of?

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Quick Reporting

The Quick Reporting tool available on the TOOLS page on the Taxfiler menu allows filtered reports to be extracted to Excel. Choose Fields Select the fields to include in the report by ticking in the box next to the name under the ‘Available fields‘. These will then be listed under ‘Fields?

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Bulk Taxyear Rollforward

Taxfiler provides a tool which allows the bulk creation (roll-forward) of tax returns for a new tax year. This is found in TOOLS on the Taxfiler menu. This tool is available for SA100, SA800 & SA900. CT600s are not covered by the bulk roll forward as unlike Self Assessment returns?

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Batch Questionnaires This tool allows you to produce questionnaires for multiple clients. It is accessed via the TOOLS tab on the main menu. Currently this is only available for individuals SA100 returns. Select Batch Questionnaires, a new window opens with the Questionnaire layout, here you can edit the suggested wording?

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