Product update – Version 2020.16


  • Tax Returns
  • Accounts
  • Bug fixes
  • General enhancements


  • Investors relief is now only available for selection on disposal of “unlisted shares”.


  • Added the field for additional notes to be added to the inventories note, users have the option to select the note if they wish to show it (note is supressed as default). If additional information has been added the note will be displayed even if the tick box is not marked.
  • Added the option to “anonymise” the directors loan account note

Bug fixes:

  • A user is able to select either Financial Instruments or Investments policies, not both, this is due to an issue with the taxonomies, as an interim fix once one is selected the other is removed from the list of available policies.
  • The inventories note is now available so that additional notes can be added.
  • Correction to the Section 479A audit disclaimer, adding capital A & subsidiaries to the disclaimer.
  • Included the missing line from the ‘Profit & Loss Accounts Analysis’ for the ‘Profit/Loss on Disposal of Investments’.
  • Corrected the number referencing on the Investment note.
  • Users were receiving an error when they entered decimals on property income & mortgage finance, this has been corrected
Tax returns, CT600:
  • Terminal loss relief, we have removed the restriction that only the current year losses are available to carry back to a prior year in those instances where a company has eased trading.
  • Box 850, excess management expenses will now populate with the balance brought forward.
Tax returns, SA100 & supplementary forms
  • We have moved the IR mark on the tax return pages so that it doesn’t clash with the HMRC logo.
  • Added Structures & Buildings allowance and Electric Charge Point allowance to the detailed report.
  • Serbia can be selected as a the residence status, the “& Montenegro” has been removed
  • Corrected the OOPS error message that users were getting when viewing the estimated 20/21 liability where they had dividends and gift aid and there was insufficient income to cover the tax due on the gift aid

General enhancements:

  • Added a notification of new releases which links to this page, this is shown as a bell on the “?” on the main menu ribbon, when clicked you get the option to link to this release page on the website. If you are reading this you found it.
  • A button has been added to the diary settings dialog box, when clicked the system will read the confirmation statement due date and last made up date from Companies House and update the diary record for the client.
  • Added the option to allow a single partner to sign partnership accounts, partners listed on the system within the date range will be listed and can be selected via a ticket box to sign the accounts or an additional name can be added to sign the accounts.
  • Wording on the VAT return screens has been updated to accommodate Brexit changes.
  • Added a filer for “type” on the RETURNS page.