We always like to receive feedback from our customers. Please find below some of the great things our customers have to say about us.

“When looking for new software I went straight to other bookkeepers for recommendations, I thought who better to ask than the people using it every day. All companies can sell their products but when you speak to the people actually using it, you get their honest opinion and a lot of people recommended Taxfiler.”

“Once I looked at Taxfiler and what it could do, I knew immediately the benefits and time savings it would provide. Having Taxfiler in place has made everything more streamlined, enabling me to handle a larger workload and many more clients.” – Read the full case study

Caplin Bookkeeping

“Taxfiler ticks a lot of boxes if you’re looking to tackle numerous client accounts and want to use a cloud-based service that has the already solid foundations of IRIS Software. In fact, you might even already be using a package from this supplier, which makes Taxfiler an even more logical move.
The online service is certainly well put together and contains lots of tools for taking on all kinds of accountancy and tax chores. While the interface isn’t the most inspiring to use, it does pack a punch and definitely covers all bases if you’re hopefully eager to your clients happy.” Read more


“Not only is the software fantastic, easy to use and always up-to-date but the support team are superb. Patient, knowledgeable and professional. I cannot recommend Taxfiler highly enough – absolutely fantastic!”

A Counting House Ltd

“Taxfiler has changed the face of our firm for the better. Moving towards paperless and a cloud-based practice it perfectly fits our needs. The software is effortless, effective and beautifully simple and has truly made our job as accountants easier. The fantastic user interface is fast and efficient this allows for a much quicker workflow. Email support is met with a genuine personalised response from one of the team who is extremely knowledgeable about the software. The last 18 months since changing to Taxfiler has been absolutely phenomenal! “

Jim Borrill, D.H.Tuck & Co.

“I love your software. It is easy to use, the help function is just right, and the reports are beautiful!”

Simon Witcomb, Witcombs Chartered Accountants

“I am loving taxfiler, it has been an absolute God send this year. It has taken all of the stress out of accounts preparation and tax filing. Perfect from going from a micro business to now more then 50 returns a year. You are doing a fantastic job, well done!“

Stuart Youings, Accountancy Angels

“Can I just say, this is my first year using Taxfiler and I’m finding both the product and your technical support great! So pleased that I changed software and am only annoyed that I hadn’t done so sooner as it would have saved me a lot of time (& money!)”

– Maria Wyatt, GSI accountants

“I am loving taxfiler, it has been an absolute God send this year. It has taken all of the stress out of accounts preparation and tax filing. Perfect from going from a micro business to now more then 50 returns a year. You are doing a fantastic job, well done!“

Stuart Youings, Accountancy Angels

“Taxfiler is a brilliant piece of software. Its has made my whole tax filing process so much simpler, with great record keeping. It is intuitive and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a paperless platform.”

Nigel Webber

Mon Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services

“the pioneer of cloud applications for tax”


“Excellent Accounting Software for a very reasonable price. I’m so impressed and glad I decided to sign up.”

Magdalena Kaczynska


“I changed from another software supplier to Taxfiler last year and it was the best thing I ever did for my company!”

Linda Hodgkinson

Select Accountancy Limited

“Taxfiler really does have the best support service I have ever come across, and having worked as an accountant for many years I’ve used many accounting and tax software programs. Taxfiler support is so quick, accurate and helpful and it’s greatly appreciated.”

Kally McCabe

Seed Accounting

“The Taxfiler software is by far the easiest to use and navigate (with great back up support) in comparison to all the other tax software packages I have used in the past.”

Gary Wright

Elliott & Partners

“What can we say about this superb software from Taxfiler? It’s really easy to use for both tax returns and final accounts, it integrates seamlessly with QBO, it’s very affordable and the fantastic customer service never ceases to impress us. There’s absolutely nothing we don’t like!”

Paul Simpson


“It’s not often you come across a product or service these days that simply leaves you astonished by its brilliance”

John Moser

Main Objective Ltd

“I have used lots of software packages over 24 years in my practice and none have been half as good as Taxfiler – for ease of use, functionality, intelligent thought-through design and value for money. If only all software was this good! Well done as always and thanks for getting it so right.”

Stephen M. Gray

Chartered Accountant

“Thank you very much for your very prompt response once again. Your client support is very impressive!”

Steve Rose

Richard Matthew Accountants

“I have been with Taxfiler now for almost two years. They are a great friendly company, software works very good with Limited Companies and CT600 Company Tax Returns. Can’t fault the software, the customer service provision and the pricing.”

Michael Beech

Michael Beech Accountancy

“Taxfiler is overall a nice bit of software to use, which for me actually makes Accountancy much nicer work to do.  It’s easy to use, intuitive, and a Sole Practitioner like myself feels like I have a bit of back-up, or at least a way to sense-check things.”

Daljit Virdee MAAT

DSV Accounting & Business Services Ltd

“Taxfiler is brilliant. Well-designed and very affordable. I’m a relatively small practice and I like that a software company has thought “what does a small practice need in terms of functionality and price?”. The customer service is always exceptional, fast replies and queries answered first-time.”

Craig Thornton

CST Accountancy Services Ltd 

“Some people may be put off the price of Taxfiler as it seems too “Cheap”. However, I can honestly say that it is unbelievable value for money and it literally saves hours of man hours. The customer support is excellent with most queries being answered in hours… sometimes minutes!”

Andy Gibbs

AMG Financial

“Outstanding customer support! I moved over from another supplier a year ago and this is the first time I have had to use your support. I had to involve support for pretty much every set of accounts with my other supplier and along with their crazy high prices, I’d had enough. Your product is also extremely easy to use and very good value for money. Thanks again.”

Julia Allnutt FCA

“As a new user of Taxfiler, I have been impressed by how easy it is to use, but when entering UK dividends paid I was especially impressed that the software will populate the return with dividend information, this is a great bonus!”

Emma Briggs MAAT, ATT

Accounts in Cheque

“I love tax filer, not only is it exceptionally easy to use but it gives me professional and comprehensive documents and calculations that I can share with my clients. I also am very impressed with the customer services team, they are always super helpful and come back to me normally within 30min of asking a question. I love it!!”

Alex Ardizzone

Savvy Accounting