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This webinar is  suitable for anyone considering signing up to Taxfiler who would like to find out more and also existing Taxfiler customers who want to make sure they’re getting the most out of the software.

Back2Basics: Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns – the quick and easy way! – 24th February 2021

Filling out your accounts and corporation tax from trial balance upwards:

  • The Taxfiler import process from bookkeeping to final accounts to CT600
  • Walking through what a Corporation Tax computation is and what you should expect to see on a simple computation
  • A deeper dig into the computation looking at depreciation and Capital Allowances – showing how they are entered, how they appear on the computation and return

Accounting for Covid – 24th March 2021

In this webinar James will explore how Covid changes tax returns and accounts:

•             Accounting for Covid grants in the accounts

•             Covid grants within the SA100 and CT600

•             What happens with overpaid grants?

•             Refresher on dealing with tax losses within Taxfiler

Back2Basics: Foreign Tax – 25th November 2021

By popular demand, demystifying an area which most bookkeepers fear but most do a couple of times a year – and if you’re not doing it now you’re likely to be doing it later.

Accounts & CT600s for New Companies – what to look out for – 10th Feb 2021

New companies can be slightly more complex to set up than existing companies and on the helpdesk we get lots of questions around this area.  So this webinar will cover some of the areas around setting up new companies, including:

• Long accounting periods

• Dealing with two CT600 returns for one accounting period

• Using only current trial balances

• Setting up the new areas such as Capital Allowances

Know your Standards – FRS 102 (1A) or FRS 105?

2nd June 2020

In this webinar James Spencer talks through the key differences between FRS 102 (1A) and FRS 105 and the compliance obligations under each standard.

Back to Basics: Accounts for the Self Employed

30th September 2020

In this webinar James Spencer will not just talk through the basics of producing self employed accounts from the trial balance through the accounts to tax return submission, but a few of the other areas such as interaction with other income, multiple self employments, tax reporting for small self employments and capital allowances.

SA100 Common Submission Errors – enter this years’ ‘busy season’ with confidence!

4th December 2019

This webinar focuses squarely on the SA100 forms and we deal with some of the most common submission error messages that you as a tax user can face.

Partnerships – from Trial Balance to Tax Return

12th February 2020

In this webinar we talk through creating partnership accounts through importing trial balances, taking this through to the SA800 return and then taking through the individual partner shares to the Partnership accounts.

What exactly is a Corporation Tax Return?

15th October 2019

For bookkeepers and accountants who have never dealt with corporation tax, or just want a refresher, this webinar is to show that a simple corporation tax return is not something to be feared.

Mind the Tax Gap – where is MTD going?

30th July 2019

In this webinar we explore why HMRC are so keen on MTD, what are the issues and where is it going.