Product update – Version 2021.4


  • Tax Returns
  • Bug fixes


  • Included the roll forward function for the Step 2 restriction on R&D pages to be carried forward to the next period, and for the expenditure credit to be carried forward.

Bug fixes:

  • CT600 R&D In cases where a period straddles a rate change, the second rate was not being stored, this had been updated
  • CT600H Corrected the display of the UTR on page 1 box H2
  • CT600 A fix has been put in place where in certain scenarios when values were changed the fields were not refreshing automatically
  • CT600 An online error was received when trying to claim both Creative tax credit and RDEC, where box 880 was not being populated
  • SA108 Removed the option to select “Non UK residence” from the drop down selection on the disposal of an asset.