Trust & Estate Tax Return


This price includes a single-user registration to use the secure Taxfiler service to prepare and file one Trust & Estate Tax Return and computation for tax years up to 2020-21 (year ended 5 April 2021).


  • Full Trust & Estate form (SA900) with all supplementary forms
  • Suitable for use by trustees or personal representatives
  • Full calculations of tax liability, including tax pool computation
  • All types of trust are supported, including non-resident and charitable trusts
  • Produces R185 forms to aid trust beneficiaries in completing their personal tax returns
  • Works on all modern browsers, including tablets and Apple Macs

Forms included with a Trust & Estate tax return

SA900 Trust & Estate Return (2013-2021)
SA901 Trust & Estate Trade
SA901L Lloyds’ underwriters
SA902 Partnership
SA903 UK property
SA904 Foreign
SA905 Capital gains
SA906 Non-residence
SA907 Charities
SA923 Pension charges etc
R185 (Trust) Statement of income to trust beneficiaries
R185 (Settlor) Statement of trust income chargeable on settlor
R185 (Estate) Statement of estate income


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Prepare your tax return for filing

When you are happy, our software will validate your tax return and check that it can be accepted by HMRC.

Submit to HMRC

Taxfiler will submit your tax return directly to HMRC, and you will need to enter your Trust’s Government Gateway user id and password into Taxfiler so that HMRC will know that it is being submitted by you. Taxfiler will wait until it receives confirmation from HMRC that the return has been received. HMRC will also send you an email notification when they have received your tax return, so that you know that Taxfiler has submitted it correctly.

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Our support team are available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm (UK time). If you email outside these hours then you may not receive a reply until the support desk opens. During January as the filing deadline approaches our support team work extended hours to help ensure your submission goes smoothly.

Tax questions?

Note that our help is limited to the use of Taxfiler and we are not able to give advice on any specific tax queries you may have. If you need expert tax advice then we recommend you speak to HMRC or to a professional tax adviser.

Important note

To file online with Taxfiler, the trust must be registered with HMRC online services and have an activated User ID and Password. You will need to know the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). You can register a trust for HMRC online services on the HMRC website.
Filing deadlines
HMRC send activation codes by post and this can take up to 10 days. If you have not activated your online ID by 31st January then you will not be able to submit your tax return before the filing deadline using our service. To check if your User ID and Password are active you can try logging into HMRC online. If you are able to login and view your account then you will be able to submit your tax return with Taxfiler.

Trust & Estate Tax Return

£ 46.00

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After registration you can pay using a credit card or using PayPal. You do not require a PayPal account.