Accounting policies

Accounting policies are entered using the Policies tab of the accounts preparation page. Accounting policies always appear as the first numbered note in the accounts.

Adding a new policy or paragraph

Add a new policy or paragraph by clicking Add a new policy or paragraph. This will open a new window listing the available policies for selection. For tagged XBRL accounts you must choose the correct type of policy to ensure that the policy details are tagged correctly.

Click on the required policy and you will be presented with the fields to complete for that policy.

Some policies are simple text paragraphs, other policies (for instance, the Tangible Assets Policy) contain additional information that must be entered to ensure the correct XBRL tags are used.

Click Save changes to add the new policy to the accounts.

Please note you can include either an investment policy or a financial instruments policy, the system will not accept both policies.

Editing a policy

To edit a policy, click on the title (displayed in blue) to open the policy window, make any amendments and select Save changes or Delete to remove the policy.

Changing the order

At the foot of the policy window is field labelled Position which indicates where the policy will appear in the list. You can move a policy to any point in the list. By default new policies are added to the end of the list.

Deleting a policy

To delete a policy, click on the title of the policy you wish to delete, displayed in blue, then click Delete to remove the policy from the list.