Blind Person’s Allowance

To enter a blind person’s allowance:

  1. Select the Data Input tab.
  2. Select + Add a new section button.
  3. A new window opens, scroll to the bottom to the allowances section and click on Blind Person’s Allowance:

A new window opens, which needs to be completed.

  • Registered blind? – tick this box to confirm that the taxpayer is registered as blind and eligible for the allowance for the current tax year.
  • Name of local authority or other register – enter the name of the local authority with which the taxpayer is registered.
  • Give surplus allowance to spouse? – tick this box if the taxpayer has elected to give surplus allowances to their spouse.
  • Amount of surplus allowance claimed from spouse – enter the amount of surplus Blind Person’s Allowance to transfer from spouse.

There is additional information available from website: