Capital Losses tab (SA100)

This tab allows input and allocation of Capital Losses arising and brought forward, for help in respect of the other areas within Capital Gains click on the links below:

Losses for the year

Losses for the year – the total losses arising in the year. This field may not be editable if disposals have been entered in the Disposals tab. To override the figure, use the Gains Summary tab to enable the override of summary figures.

Losses used against income

Allocation of losses

  • Gains for the year before losses
  • Income losses set against gains – in some cases, trading losses can be set against gains. Enter the income losses set against gains of the year. See HMRC Helpsheet 227 Losses.
  • Net gains after losses
  • Losses brought forward
  • Losses brought forward used against gains – specify the amount of losses used against gains. You do not need to allocate all of the losses brought forward – it is common to allocate only enough losses to reduce the net gain to the Annual Exempt Amount.
  • Losses used against an earlier years gain – if the tax payer died during the tax year, losses arising this year can be allocated against earlier year gains. Enter the amount to carry back.
  • Losses to carry forward – enter the total losses to carry forward.

Additional text note for Tax Return

Enter any additional information you wish to appear in the white space of the tax return.

Useful Resources

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