Cessation of a company

Final accounts need to be prepared from the last annual accounts to the final date of trading. This together with the CT600 need to be submitted to HMRC.

FRS102 Accounts

Within Taxfiler this can be done by entering a breakup basis within the policies for the accounts.

Select the Policies tab and click + Add a new policy or paragraph...

A pop-up window will open, select Going concern:

A pop-up window will open, select Break-up basis from the drop-down list:

CT600 return

When you are ready to complete the CT600, select Trading Profits from within the Data Input tab:

Tick the box for Cessation of qualifying activity in this period?

Once the accounts and tax return have been submitted, all final payments made, the bank account has been closed and any other issues finalised, you need to complete a Form DS01 and send it to Companies House.
Note: Taxfiler does not have this form.