Chargeable gains

This section is accessed via the data input within the tax return and allows the input of disposals and calculation of chargeable gains for the accounting period. There are two tabs in this section:

  • Summary of chargeable gains
  • Disposals

Summary of Chargeable Gains

  • Gross gains in period‘ This field shows the gross gains calculated from the disposals entered.
  • ‘Losses in period‘ This field shows any losses calculated from the disposals entered.
  • Capital losses brought forward‘ Enter any capital losses to be brought forward.
  • ‘Loss used in period‘ Taxfiler will calculate and show the total value of current period and brought forward losses that are allocated against gains in the period.
  • Net gains after losses’ This field will show the net gains after any losses have been set off.
  • Capital losses carried forward‘ This field will show any losses that will be carried forward to the next accounting period.


The disposals tab is where you add and edit details of disposals in the accounting period.

  • To add details of a disposal, click + Add disposal , a new window will open which needs to be completed. See editing a disposal.
  • To edit a disposal: click on its description. See editing a disposal.
  • To delete a disposal: click on its description to edit it, then click Delete disposal.