Cross-border Royalties (CT600H)

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return. Use this section to add any cross-border royalty payments. If the company is a UK company and made cross-border royalty payments after 1 October 2002, and reasonably believed that the recipient of the royalties would be entitled to treaty relief on any tax deducted, select the +New payment… button, a new window opens which needs to be completed

  • Name of recipient of the royalty‘ enter the name of the recipient
  • Address line 1 to 4‘ enter the full address of the recipient
  • Postcode
  • Type of royalty payment made
  • Gross amount of royalty paid’
  • Agreement under which relief made’ select from the drop down list either ‘Interest and Royalties Directive exemptions’ or ‘Country with Double Taxation Agreement with UK’
  • Exemption / country
  • Rate of tax deducted from payment
  • Amount of tax deducted from payment’
  • Additional notes

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