Dividends from foreign companies

This section is used to enter foreign dividends received. You should add a section for each country from which dividends were received.

All amounts of foreign income received and foreign tax paid must be entered in sterling.

In most circumstances foreign income only needs be declared where the tax payer is resident in the UK for all or part of the tax year. Do not enter foreign income if the tax payer is non-resident as Taxfiler will include all entered income on the return and computation.

Foreign dividends on the SA100

In some circumstances, foreign dividends can be included on page 3 of the SA100 form, instead of including the SA106 foreign pages:

  • Where foreign dividends are the only foreign income entered and
  • the amount received is less than £300 and
  • foreign tax credit relief is NOT being claimed and
  • the dividends qualify for UK tax credits.

Dividends from foreign companies

  • ‘Country’ Enter the name of the country from which the dividends were received.
  • Claim Foreign Tax Credit Relief?’ Tick the box to claim foreign tax credit relief for any foreign tax suffered. If not ticked, foreign tax will be deducted from the income.

Dividends are entered via a grid

  • Description of income‘ Enter a brief description of the dividend received.
  • Gross income arising’ Enter the gross amount of the dividend before any foreign tax or UK withholding tax was taken off.
  • Foreign tax taken off’ Enter the amount of foreign tax suffered.
  • UK tax taken off’ Enter the amount of UK tax taken off.
  • Taxable amount‘ This column will show the taxable amount after deducting any foreign tax that is not being claimed via foreign tax credit relief.

To delete a line from the grid, click the ‘trash can’  button at the end of the line.