Employment lump sums

This section is for the input of lump sum payments from an employment, including compensation payments and can be found from the Data input tab within the tax return, click + Add a new section.

A new window opens, select Employment lump sums. A new window will open which needs to be completed. Add a section for each employment that has received lump sum payments.

Employment lump sums

  • Name of employer – enter the name of the employer, this is a mandatory field.
  • Employer PAYE reference – enter the Employer’s PAYE tax reference 

Taxable lump sums

  • Taxable lump sums – enter the total amount of taxable lump sum payment.
  • Tax paid – enter the amount of any tax paid in respect of the taxable lump sum. 

Other receipts including redundancy payments

  • Total redundancy and other receipts – enter the total of redundancy payments and other relevant receipts.
  • Portion of above paid for disability – enter the amount of any portion of the redundancy payment that was paid for reasons of disability.
  • Exempt amount for foreign service – enter any exempt amount for foreign service.
  • £30,000 lump sum exemption applicable – here you can override the lump sum exemption that is applicable for this employment. This may need to be reduced if, for example, you have lump sum payments from multiple employments during the year.
  • Taxable amount – this field will show the calculated taxable amount, based on the figures entered.
  • Tax paid – enter the amount of any tax paid in respect of the taxable amount.  

Employer-Financed Retirement Benefits scheme

  • Relevant benefits provided under an EFRBS – enter the value of relevant benefits provided under an Employer-Financed Retirement Benefits Scheme.
  • Exemptions applicable – enter the total of any exemptions.
  • Taxable benefit – this field will show the taxable benefit arising on the scheme payments.
  • Tax paid – enter the amount of any tax paid in respect benefits received under the scheme. 

Tax taken off

  • Has all tax taken off been included on employment pages? – tick this box if the tax taken off has been included with the P60 tax payments on a separate employment section.

The total tax from the relevant tax paid fields will be shown in Box 6 on  page Ai2 of the Additional Information pages.

For additional information on Employment lump sums HMRC Lump sum payments