Entering addresses

There are many different tabs in Taxfiler where you may need to enter, amend or remove an address. To access the address input window, click Change address.

The Change address popup window will open. All the addresses that have been entered for the client will be displayed.

Select an address

To select an existing address from the list, click on it. The popup window will close and the address will be selected.

Clear address

Click Clear address to remove the currently selected address from the field without selecting a new address. When you click this button the popup will close and the address will be set to (None).

New address

To enter a new address, click New address. You will then be able to input the address fields.

Enter a UK postcode in ‘Postcode‘ field for the system to search for an address or manually enter the address details. Please note HMRC do not accept foreign postcodes these may cause the tax return to fail HMRC validation checks. If the address contains a foreign Postcode/Zipcode etc, enter it into one of the other address lines. The click on the +Create button

Edit address

To edit an address, click the icon next to the address you want to edit. As shown below:

When you edit an address, the change will affect every screen where you have selected this address for that client. Usually, when an address changes you should create a new address and link the relevant data to that address.