Expensive cars acquired before April 2009

This grid allows entry and calculation of capital allowances on cars costing more than £12,000 that were acquired before April 2009. The writing down allowance for expensive cars in this category is limited to £3,000 per year.

The restriction on allowances for expensive cars is due to end in 2014. Thereafter any remaining cars should be transferred to the Plant & machinery pool or a single asset pool (if private use applies).

  • Description: Enter a brief description of the car.
  • WDV b/fwd: Enter the written down value brought forward. If the tax return was rolled forward from a previous period this field will already be completed.
  • Disposals: Enter the disposal value of the car if sold during the year.
  • Restricted WDA: This field will show the writing down allowance calculated for the car. Any allowances will be restricted to £3,000 for any 12 month period (pro-rated if necessary).
  • Disclaimed: If you wish to disclaim any of the writing down allowances, enter the amount disclaimed in this column.
  • Balancing allowance/(charge): This column will show any calculated balancing allowance or charge if the car has been sold in the period.
  • WDV c/fwd: This column displays the written down value that will be carried forward to the next period.
  • Private use %: Enter the percentage of private use (if any) that is applicable for the period. This will allow the private use amount to be calculated. If you wish to enter a figure of private use directly, leave this column blank.
  • Private use amount: If a private use percentage has been input then this field will show the calculated private use that will be deducted from the capital allowances or balancing charges. If no percentage is entered then the private use amount can be entered directly.

To delete a line from the grid, click the  button at the end of the line.