Foreign tax paid on other income

This section is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return and is used to claim foreign tax credit relief for tax paid on sources of income not entered on the foreign pages. This information is used by Taxfiler to calculate the foreign tax credit relief claimed. Add a new section for each source of income on which foreign tax is suffered.

Enter values in sterling. You should add an additional note to describe this income

Foreign tax credit claimed and not entered elsewhere

  • Where is this income entered?’ Select from the drop down list the type of income on which foreign tax was due.
  • Country’ Enter the country where the foreign tax was suffered.
  • Foreign tax paid‘ Enter the amount of foreign tax paid.
  • Amount of income on which tax is payable‘ Enter the amount of income from which the foreign tax was deducted.

Additional text note for Tax Return

Enter any additional information you wish to appear in the white space of the tax return.