Gift Aid payments

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return and allows the entry of Gift Aid payments. Do not include amounts paid through Payroll Giving. Entries are made via a grid.

  • Name of charity – enter the name of the charity to which the payment is made.
  • Payments made this year – enter the total payments made to the charity in the year. This should include payments made this year that are to be treated as paid in the previous year, but exclude any payments made next year which are to be treated as paid this year.
  • One-off payment – tick the box if the payment is a one-off payment.
  • Amount of payment to carry back to previous year – if the payments entered for this year include an amount to be treated as paid last year, enter the amount here.
  • Payment made next year treated as paid this year – enter any payments that are made in the following year that are to be treated as paid this year.
  • Country – if the charity is not a UK charity, enter the country in which the charity is registered. Leave this column blank for UK charities.

To delete a line from the grid, click the ‘trash can  button at the end of the line.