Income from foreign estate

This section is accessed via the Data input tab within the tax return use it to enter details of income arising from a foreign estate.

All amounts of foreign income received and foreign tax paid must be entered in sterling.

In most circumstances foreign income only needs be declared where the tax payer is resident in the UK for all or part of the tax year. Do not enter foreign income if the tax payer is non-resident as Taxfiler will include all entered income on the return and computation.

  • Name of estate – enter the name of the estate.
  • Country – enter the name of the country in which the income arises.

Income details are entered via a grid format:

  • Description of income – enter a brief description of the income arising from the estate.
  • Income – enter the full amount of taxable income.
  • Foreign tax – enter the amount of any foreign tax suffered.
  • Claim Foreign Tax Credit Relief? – tick the box if you wish to claim Foreign Tax Credit Relief on the foreign tax. If this box is not ticked then foreign tax will be treated as a deduction from the income.
  • UK Tax withheld – enter any UK tax withheld from the income.

To delete a line from the grid, click thetrash can  button at the end of the line.

Additional text note for Tax Return

Enter any additional information you wish to appear in the white space of the tax return.