Linking to a Partnership Tax Return

Taxfiler provides a facility to copy a partner’s share of partnership income from the Partnership Tax Return to the individual partner’s Tax Return.

The link is available from the Partnership section of the individual partner’s Tax Return. If a partnership section already exists on the partner’s Tax Return then open it, otherwise create a new partnership section.

Finding the partnership

In the toolbar of the Partnership section click on Link to partnership return…. This will show a popup titled Select partnership return to link. Taxfiler will search all the Partnership Tax Returns on file looking for a partner with the same UTR as the current individual and will display the partnerships found.

If Taxfiler cannot find a partner with the correct UTR then it will display partners with a similar surname. If no partners are found that match the UTR or name then you can use the search box on the popup window to manually search for the partner.

To close the popup without selecting a partner, click X at the top right corner of the popup.

After you have identified the correct partnership and partner, click on the name of the partner to link it to the current Tax Return.

Linked fields

The selected Partnership Tax Return will be searched to find the partner’s share of income. The partnership income record for the individual will be updated with the following information from the Partnership Tax Return:

  • Partnership name
  • Partnership reference number
  • Description of partnership trade or profession
  • Date joined
  • Date left
  • Trading profits – Share of profit/(loss)
  • Trading profits – Accounting adjustment
  • Share of business premises renovation allowance
  • Share of UK untaxed savings income
  • Share of foreign untaxed savings income
  • Share of profit or loss from UK property
  • Share of profits from holiday lets
  • Share of other untaxed UK income
  • Share of income from offshore funds
  • Share of other untaxed foreign income
  • Share of taxed income taxable at 10%
  • Share of taxed income taxable at 20%
  • Share of other taxed income
  • Share of income tax taken off partnership income
  • Share of CIS deductions
  • Share of tax taken off trading income
  • Share of tax credits
  • Share of notional income tax
  • Share of partnership charges

Linked fields are shown with a yellow background and a link image next to the field.

You may still edit the linked fields, but we recommend correcting the Partnership Tax Return and allowing the linked fields to update automatically with any changes.

If the partnership statement for the current tax year has not yet been created for the partnership then the partner’s shares will be blank. When the partnership statement is updated for the current year then the figures in the partner’s Tax Return will be updated.

Note that if the partner’s individual Tax Return is locked for submission (or has already been submitted) then changes to the Partnership Tax Return will be ignored.

Removing the link

You can remove the link at any time by clicking ‘Unlink’ and confirming you wish to unlink. When you unlink the Tax Return the figures will remain in the relevant fields but the link image will be removed and the figures will not update when the Partnership Tax Return changes

If you delete the Partnership Tax Return then the link will automatically be removed, although the information in the individual’s Tax Return will remain unchanged.

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