Lloyd’s Underwriters (SA900)

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return.

Lloyd’s interest receipts etc for year ended 31 December [year]

  • ‘Interest on gilts and bank interest etc. paid gross’
  • ‘Taxed interest from banks etc. – amount received’, ‘Tax deducted’, ‘Total’
  • ‘Unit trust interest – amount received’, ‘Tax deducted’, ‘Total’

Accrued Income scheme & losses on deeply discounted securities

  • ‘Accrued income scheme profits’
  • ‘Accrued income scheme losses & loss on deeply discounted securities’

UK dividends etc received in year ended 31 December [year]

  • ‘Dividends & distributions from UK companies’
  • ‘Dividends from UK unit trusts and OEICs’

Stock dividends and non-qualifying distributions received in year ended 31 December [year]

  • ‘Stock dividends’
  • ‘Bonus issues of securities and redeemable shares’

Foreign income from personal fund assets in year ended 31 December [year]

  • ‘Foreign interest – net income’, ‘Foreign tax deducted’, UK tax deducted’
  • ‘Other foreign receipts – net income’, ‘Foreign tax deducted’, UK tax deducted’
  • ‘Foreign dividends – net income’, ‘Foreign tax deducted’, UK tax deducted’

Other Lloyd’s receipts

  • ‘Compensation receipts’
  • ‘Other Lloyd’s non-syndicate income’
  • ‘Aggregate syndicate profit’
  • ‘Net withdrawal from Special Reserve Fund’
  • ‘Stop loss recoveries’
  • ‘Repayments of foreign tax previously allowed by deduction’

Outgoings and syndicate losses

  • ‘Fees for bank guarantees/letters of credit’
  • ‘Aggregate syndicate losses’
  • ‘Lloyd’s members’ association expenses’
  • ‘Personal Quota Share and Exeat premiums’
  • ‘Interest on loans and payments to fund underwriting’
  • ‘Net transfer to Special Reserve Fund’
  • ‘Members’ agent profit commission and salaries’
  • ‘Accountancy fees’
  • ‘Other Lloyd’s expenses’

Lloyd’s foreign tax

  • ‘Foreign tax on personal fund income’
  • ‘US income tax paid’
  • ‘Canadian income tax paid’
  • ‘Syndicate foreign tax’
  • ‘Additional payments of foreign tax’
  • ‘Refunds of foreign tax for which tax credit relief was given’
  • ‘Claim foreign tax credit relief?’


  • ‘Net profit’
  • ‘Loss b/fwd’
  • ‘Loss b’/fwd used this year’
  • ‘Foreign tax claimed by deduction’
  • ‘Taxable profits’

Additional text note for Tax Return