Member of Parliament etc

This screen is accessed from the data input tab within the tax return and is used to enter income for:

  • MPs (form SA102MP).
  • Members of the National Assembly for Wales (form SA102WAM).
  • MSPs – Members of the Scottish Parliament (form SA102MSP).
  • MLAs – Members of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly (form SA102MLA).

None of these forms can currently be filed online. If you complete a Tax Return with any of these details you will need to file it on paper.

Specific occupation

  • Type of office‘ Select the relevant type of office from the drop down list (MP, MSP, WAM, MLA).

Income from office

  • Payments from P60 (or P45 or payslips)’ Enter details of income.
  • Tax taken off payments’ Enter any PAYE paid.

Benefits from your office

  • ‘Travel, travel warrants and vouchers’ (MPs only) Enter the value of travel benefits. (This field is applicable for MPs only).
  • Family travel costs’ (Welsh Assembly Members only): Enter the value of any family travel costs provided.
  • Accommodation, excluding accommodation expenses‘Enter the value of beneficial accommodation.
  • Office costs expenditure – non capital items‘ Enter any non-capital office cost expenditure.
  • Group support allowance – non capital items‘ (Welsh Assembly members only)
  • Contingency payments‘ (MPs only): Enter contingency payments.Group support allowance – non capital items(Welsh Assembly Members only): Enter the value of any group support allowance.
  • Other cash reimbursements’ (Welsh Assembly members only)
  • Financial assistance fund and other cash reimbursements‘ Enter income from the assistance fund or other payments.
  • All other benefits’ Enter the value of all other benefits not included above.
  • Balancing charges‘ Enter any balancing charges.

Office expenses paid out by you

  • Travel warrants – office expenses‘ (MPs only): Enter the expenses incurred for travel warrants.
  • Family travel costs’ (Welsh Assembly Members only): Enter the expenses incurred for family travel.
  • Secretarial, clerical and research assistance‘ Enter details of expenses incurred for secretarial, clerical and research assistance.
  • Office expenses’ Enter any other office expenses.
  • Other expenses and capital allowances‘ Enter any other expenses not covered above, and include any capital allowances being claimed.

Additional text note for Tax Return

Enter any additional information you wish to appear in the white space of the tax return.