Minister of Religion

This section is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return and is used to complete the information for form SA102M – Ministers of Religion.

Income as a minister of religion

  • Nature of post or appointment’ Enter a brief description of your position.
  • Salary or stipend’ Enter the figure for total pay from the P60 or P45.
  • Tax taken off salary’ Enter the tax taken off, from the P60 or P45.
  • Fees and offerings’ Include all fees for services and offerings or collections, unless included in P60 figure.
  • Vicarage or manse expenses’ Enter the total of all bills for heating, lighting, gardening and maintaining a vicarage that have been paid for the minister. For some ministers certain expenses may not be taxable (e.g. Council Tax and water charges); if any amounts are not taxable do not include them here.
  • Personal expenses, living accommodation, vouchers etc‘ Enter the total amount of any personal expenses that have been paid for the minister, including vouchers and credit cards.
  • Excess mileage allowance and passenger payments’ Enter any mileage allowances over the excess for the year.
  • Round-sum expenses and rent allowances‘ Enter the total of any round-sum allowances received, along with any allowances to help pay rents or mortgage payments.
  • Tax taken off round-sum expenses’ Enter any tax taken off the round-sum expenses.
  • Other income including gifts, grants and balancing charges‘ Enter any other income, such as chaplaincy income deriving from the main appointment, gifts and grants received as a minister, including gifts in kind. Also enter balancing charges.
  • Tax taken off other income’ Enter the amount of any tax taken of the other income received.
  • Total income as minister of religion‘ This field will show the total income.

Benefits and expenses received

  • Vicarage or manse services benefits received‘ Enter the full amount of any vicarage services benefits received.
  • Car benefit’ Enter the car benefit from box 9 of the P11D.
  • ‘Car fuel benefit’ Enter the car fuel benefit from box 10 of the P11D.
  • Interest-free and low interest loans‘ Enter the figure from box 15 of the P11D.
  • Expenses payments received’ Enter any expenses payments made, unless already included above.
  • Other benefits’ Include all other P11D amounts not included elsewhere.
  • Total benefits and expenses‘ This field will show the total benefits and expenses.

Expenses paid

  • Travelling expenses‘ Enter any allowable travel expenses.
  • Capital allowances’ Enter the total amount of any capital allowance claim.
  • ‘Maintenance, repairs and insurance of manse etc‘ Ministers who are provided with accommodation to live and work may include an expense of 25% of costs for maintaining, repairing and insuring the property.
  • Rent’ Enter the allowable portion of rent paid that is applicable to this employment.
  • ‘Secretarial assistance‘ Enter any payments for secretarial assistance. Sums paid to a spouse are usually disallowed.
  • Other expenses‘ Enter any other allowable expenses.
  • Total expenses paid‘ This field will show the total expenses.

Service benefit cap calculation

If the church provides you with tax-free accommodation and your income, benefits and expenses were less than at a rate of £8,500 your benefits are capped at the lower of – the total amount of benefit you received for the accommodation or 10% of your net income

  • Gross income‘ This field will show the gross income, being the taxable income entered minus any vicarage or manse expenses and benefits received.
  • Back pay received after 5 April’ Enter any back pay received after the end of the tax year.
  • Earlier year back pay received this year‘ Enter any earlier year back pay received during the tax year.
  • Payments to registered pension schemes’Enter any payments made to registered pensions schemes that have not been deducted from gross pay.
  • Net income‘ This field will show the net income figure.
  • 10% of net income‘ This field will calculate 10% of the net income figure.
  • Amount paid toward benefit received’ Enter any amounts made good by the tax payer to the provider of the service benefits.
  • Payments and service benefits‘ This field shows the total of the benefits received for the accommodation.
  • Service benefit cap’ This field shows the calculated service benefit cap.

Other income as a minister of religion

  • ‘Chaplaincy and other income as a minister‘ Enter any separate incidental income not already included above.
  • Tax taken off chaplaincy and other income‘ Enter any tax taken off the other income figure.