Non-qualifying distributions

A non-qualifying distribution is:

  • a bonus issue of securities or redeemable shares (unless the issue gives rise to a qualifying distribution which would be included in the dividends section) or,
  • the paying on of such a bonus issue from a company that received it.

DescriptionEnter a description of the distribution.Gross distributionEnter the gross distribution. In the case of an issue of a bonus security this is the amount of the principal secured plus any premium payable on redemption. For redeemable shares, the nominal value plus any premium payable on redemption minus any new consideration given for that bonus issue.

To delete a line from the grid, click the  button at the end of the line.

Using income losses against capital gains

Firstly, please ensure that you are making the best use of the losses before proceeding. Select the Capital gains tab from the data input screen Click on the Disposals tab, and enter the relevant information Click on the Capital Losses tab, and enter the amount of loss that you wish to set off against the […]

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Restricting access to clients

This feature is only available for multiuser accounts, it has been designed so that you can restrict user access for certain clients if required. Users with “edit client access” rights AND who have access to a client can assign or remove access rights via the Access tab on the client screen. The default is that […]

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User restrictions within Taxfiler

This function is only available for a multiuser license. Some functions within Taxfiler can be restricted from a user. From the SETTINGS icon select Users and select the user that you wish to edit Select Restrictions tab You will be presented with several functions which can be selected or removed via a tick box. For […]

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