Other UK pensions

This screen is accessed via the Data input tab within the tax return and is used to enter details of other UK pensions and annuities. Taxfiler allows multiple pensions or annuities to be entered. Create a new entry for each source of pension income.

The information added into this data sheet will appear in the additional information field on page TR7 box 19.

Other UK pension, retirement annuity or taxable triviality payment

  • Payer of pension/annuity – enter the payer of the pension or annuity. This field is required.
  • PAYE reference – enter the PAYE reference if known.
  • Pension/annuity reference – enter the pension provider’s reference or contract number for the pension or annuity.
  • Description – you may enter an optional description of the pension, for your own memo information.
  • Date started enter the date the pension began. (added from 2022) 
  • Date ceased – enter the date the pension ceased. This source of income will not be rolled forward to a new tax year if a date is present within the current tax year. (added from 2022)
  • Amount before tax – enter the gross pension payable before tax was taken off.
  • Tax taken off (enter refunds as negative) – enter any tax taken off by the pension provider. Any tax refunds should be entered as a negative figure.
  • 10% overseas service deduction? – tick the box if a UK pension for former service to an overseas government, only 90% of the basic pension is taxable in the UK. When ticked, the 10% deduction will be calculated and entered into the Amount of deduction field.
  • Amount of deduction – this field is only editable if the pension is applicable for 10% for former service to an overseas government deduction. You may manually amend the amount of the deduction.