Partnership profit/(loss) (SA900)

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return.

Partnership details

  • ‘Partnership name’
  • ‘Partnership reference number’
  • ‘Partnership trade or profession’
  • ‘Date joined’
  • ‘Date left’

Share of trading income

  • ‘Basis period starts’
  • ‘Basis period ends’
  • ‘Share of profit /(loss)’
  • ‘Adjustments to arrive at profit /(loss) for basis period’

Overlap relief

  • ‘Overlap profits brought forward’
  • ‘Overlap profits arising this year’
  • ‘Overlap relief used this year’
  • ‘Overlap profits to carry forward’

Profits and losses

  • ‘Adjustment for farm and literary averaging’
  • ‘Net profit/(loss)
  • ‘Losses brought forward’
  • ‘Loss b/fwd used’
  • ‘Loss used against other income’
  • ‘Loss carried back to earlier years’
  • ‘Total loss to carry forward’

Taxable profits

  • ‘Taxable profit for year’
  • ‘Additional amounts not included in accounts’
  • ‘Total taxable profits’

Investment income

  • ‘Is investment income from this partnership included elsewhere?’
  • ‘Share of losses on partnership investments’

Additional text note for Tax Return