PDF Attachments

You can add PDF files as attachments to a Tax Return. The process is the same for both companies and individuals. In the Data Input tab of the Tax Return, click ‘Add an attachment…. ‘ Browse to the location of the attachment you want to add, then click Upload.

The maximum size of PDF file that can be uploaded is about 4 MB, but much smaller sizes are recommended. There is a similar limit to the size that can be sent to HMRC.

If the attachment is not a recognised PDF format Taxfiler will not allow it to be attached to the Tax Return. If a PDF file is protected with a password then it will not be allowed as an attachment, as HMRC does not accept password protected files.

After uploading the PDF file it will appear in the Data Input tab as an attachment. Click the entry to view the attachment or change its description.

Removing an attachment
To remove an attachment, click on it and click ‘Delete Section‘.

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