PDF Attachments

You can add PDF files as attachments to a Tax Return. The process is the same for both companies and individuals.

  • In the Data Input tab of the Tax Return, click Add an attachment….
  • Browse to the location of the attachment you want to add, then click Upload.

The maximum size of PDF file that can be uploaded is about 4 MB, but much smaller sizes are recommended. There is a similar limit to the size that can be sent to HMRC.

If the attachment is not a recognised PDF format Taxfiler will not allow it to be attached to the Tax Return. If a PDF file is protected with a password then it will not be allowed as an attachment, as HMRC does not accept password protected files.

  • After uploading the PDF file it will appear in the Data Input tab as an attachment.
  • Click the entry to view the attachment or change its description.

Removing an attachment
To remove an attachment, click on it and click Delete Section.