Previewing accounts

The accounts can be previewed and downloaded in the View tab of the accounts preparation page.


This option applies to company & LLP accounts.

Select the type of accounts that you wish to preview:

  • Full accounts (for members & HMRC)’ (for companies) – a full set of accounts that are suitable for attaching to a company tax return.
  • Full accounts (for members) (for LLP’s) – a full set of accounts that are suitable for the members.
  • Filleted accounts (for Companies House) – a set of accounts, based on the full accounts, that are suitable for filing with Companies House. Filleted accounts have reduced disclosure requirements and consist only of a balance sheet and minimal notes required under the Companies Acts.
  • Income & Expenses (for Tax Return) – (for LLP’s) an Income & Expenses that can be attached to the Tax Return.


Select the format to view or download the accounts.

  • iXBRL (HTML)(companies & LLP’s ) HTML accounts that contain hidden XBRL tagging information. When viewed in a browser these accounts are designed to look like a set of printed accounts, and should preview as they will appear when printed. This format is suitable for submission to HMRC or Companies House.
  • HTML (applicable for sole traders) HTML accounts suitable for viewing in a browser. These accounts are designed to look like a set of printed accounts, and should preview as they will appear when printed.
  • PDF – these accounts are suitable for downloading and sending to clients, company accounts cannot be filed with HMRC in this format. PDF accounts can be attached to an individual or partnership tax return if required.
  • iXBRL with tagged facts highlighted – (companies & LLP’s only) this view shows the HTML accounts but with the tagged values highlighted in yellow to show the details of what has been tagged in the report. This format is useful for seeing what has been tagged but should not be used for filing or sending to clients. Holding the mouse cursor over a yellow tag will show a popup tip that gives details of what the hidden XBRL tag contains. Some special tagged values may not be shown in the body of the report and will not be visible.

Differences between the PDF and HTML/XBRL formats

We have designed Taxfiler so that the PDF and HTML outputs are as visually comparable as possible. There may be slight difference in font positioning and sizing but usually what you see in one format will be what you see in the other.
Note that the HTML format accounts have working hyperlinks allowing you to jump directly to contents, notes and pages when appropriate. These hyperlinks are not present in the PDF version.

Downloading the accounts

To download the accounts click Download iXBRL/ Download PDF. The accounts will be downloaded in whichever format is currently being viewed on the screen.

Removing the DRAFT watermark

By default, draft accounts are stamped with a DRAFT watermark. This watermark is removed when the accounts are finalised and approved. If you wish to remove the watermark from the draft accounts without making them final, you can do this in the Contents tab under options.