Primary user

Taxfiler has introduced the concept of a Primary user, this is by default the person who signed up for the Taxfiler subscription.
The Primary user will receive billing and account emails from Taxfiler.
There is only one Primary user.

Details of the primary user can be seen by clicking on the SETTINGS icon. Select the Users tab

The Primary user can create up to 99 new users.
• To create a new user
• Select SETTINGS icon
• Select Users tab

  • Click on the Create new user button. The Reporting level can be set to Staff, Manager or Partner.
  • The account type – select either Administrator or Normal user.
  • Select the Create button to confirm the details for the new user

The number of users created is not limited to the number of users specified by the licence selected.

A user can only login to Taxfiler when they have a license allocated to them, the number of licenses available is determined by the number of user licenses purchased.
Where there are no available user licenses, the following screen will be displayed. The Primary user will need to either upgrade or purchase additional user licenses (see notes on upgrading below)

The Primary user allocates a user license to a user, which makes that user an activated / licenced user.

From the SETTINGS icon, click on Users tab and select the user you wish to assign a license to, and click the Save changes button.

The Primary user can activate users up to the limit determined by the user licenses they have purchased.

The Primary user can deactivate any user, by removing the license from that user, they cannot remove their own license.

The Primary user can select another user as the Primary, this user must have administrator status, and have an active license. From the SETTINGS icon on the main menu select the Users tab

Only an activated user can log in to Taxfiler

Updating the license

The primary user can update the license, either update the number of users or update the license to a new package.
To upgrade your license, select the SETTINGS icon from the main menu.
Select the License tab

Click on Upgrade your license to have multiple users, this message will vary depending on the package you are currently licensed for, a new window will pop up.

A confirmation window will pop up, you will be advised of the monthly or annual charge for the upgrade and any credits that will be given for remaining days on your current subscription.