Restricting access to clients

This feature is only available for multiuser accounts, it has been designed so that you can restrict user access for certain clients if required.

Users with “edit client access” rights AND who have access to a client can assign or remove access rights via the Access tab on the client screen.

The default is that all users have access to all clients, if you wish to restrict access then this can be done as follows:

  • Select the client you wish to restrict
  • Click on the Access tab, this will load a list of all users on the system
  • Select via the tick box those users that require access to this client
  • Save changes
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Please note that administrators can see all clients and cannot be restricted.

A non-administrator who has “edit client access” permissions MUST include themselves as a user with access i.e. they cannot remove themselves from the client.

It is not necessary to set up access on all clients it is only required for those clients where you wish to limit access.