Share schemes

Use this screen to input any taxable income from share schemes that has not been included on the P60. This screen can be found from the Data input tab within the tax return. Select + Add a new section , a new window opens, scroll down and select Share Scheme If there is more than one employment with share scheme income you may add separate copies of this section for each employment.

To calculate the taxable amounts for the various types of share scheme, see the worksheets contained in the HMRC form SA101 notes, starting on page Ai6.

Complete the form as follows:

  • Company name – enter the name of the employer company issuing the shares.
  • Description of scheme and chargeable event – enter the name of the scheme and the type of chargeable event.
  • Amount not taxed under PAYE – enter the calculated taxable amount that is not included on a P60 or P45.

To delete a line from the grid, click the ‘trash‘ button at the end of the line.