Status tab for trust returns

This tab shows a summary of the tax due and payable for the current tax year.

Tax Return Summary

  • Status of tax return’ Use the drop down selection to change the status of the Tax Return. If the Tax Return is locked because it has been prepared for electronic filing then this status will be updated automatically by Taxfiler and will not be editable.
  • Type of form’ Only the SA900 form is available for trusts

Summary of tax due

This section will show the tax due or overpaid for the tax year, before taking into account adjustments and payments on account.

Click on the Tax payments made button to enter details of payments on account and balancing payments already made for the current year. A new window opens which can be completed

Payments on account made towards the current year

  • Date of payment
  • Description
  • ‘Amount

Other balancing payments (or repayments) for the current year

  • Date of payment’
  • Description
  • Amount