Submitting accounts to HMRC

Company accounts can only be submitted to HMRC by including them as an attachment with a Company Tax Return (CT600).

Statutory Accounts prepared in Taxfiler can be attached to a tax return automatically in the Check & File tab of the accounts preparation page.

Attaching accounts

With a set of statutory accounts open, click the Check & File tab. If no errors are found you will be presented with options for submission to Companies House or HMRC.

Click Attach to start the process of attaching the accounts to a Company Tax Return.

Creating a new CT600 Tax Return

If no Company Tax Return is on file for the required period then Taxfiler will prompt you to create one. Taxfiler will assume that the required accounting period is the 12 months starting on the first day of the period of account. If the period of account is longer than 12 months, Taxfiler will assume that the accounts are to be submitted with the return for the first 12 month accounting period. When submitting the second period you can create the return manually and specify that the accounts have already been submitted with a previous return.

  • Start of CT600 accounting period Shows the date that will be used as the start date of the accounting period.
  • End of the accounting period Shows the end date of the accounting period. This can never be more than 12 months later than the start date.
  • Your reference Input the reference you will be using for the Tax Return.

When you are satisfied with the inputs, click Create Tax Return. The new tax return will be created, the accounts will be attached and the Company Information page for the new return will be displayed. You should then continue to process the Tax Return in the usual manner.

Attaching accounts to an existing return

Where a tax return for the accounting period is already on file, you will be prompted to attach the accounts to the existing tax return.

Re-attaching the accounts

If the accounts have changed then the new accounts can be attached to the tax return. In the Check & File tab, click Re-attach. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing accounts.

You cannot attach accounts to a Tax Return that has already been submitted to HMRC, or a Tax Return which has been locked and an IRmark created in preparation for a submission. To attach accounts to a submitted return, go to the Tax Return and choose to amend the tax return.