Tax Calculation

This screen is accessed from within the Tax Return. The Tax Calculation tab is available for Individuals (SA100) (R40) and Trust SA (SA900) tax returns. It shows the tax calculation based on the current tax return information entered.

Click Download PDF to view or download a PDF copy of the computation.

Included on this tab is the option to view the estimated tax liability for the following tax year, based on the current figures entered.

Click View estimated liability for [next tax year].

The calculation is divided into sections:

  • Income received – this information is entered via the data input tab by selecting the relevant section click here for further information on data input sections (SA100) (SA900)
  • Personal allowances – Taxfiler will enter the value applicable for the tax year being completed. For Additional information
  • How I have worked out your Income Tax – Taxfiler will display a breakdown of the values allocated to each rate band, and a total of the income tax charged.
  • Any reliefs and allowances will be shown.
  • Income Tax due after allowances and reliefs – Taxfiler will show the amount of tax due after allowances and reliefs
  • Tax deducted – where tax has already been deducted from income, this will be subtracted from the Tax due after the allowances and reliefs, and the total Income Tax due will be shown.

Please note that payments on account are not shown on the tax calculation and are accessed via the Status tab, Tax payments made button.