Type of Trust

This screen is accessed via the data input tab within the tax return. The screens vary depending on the type of trust selected.

  • Type of trust‘ Select the type of trust from the following in a drop down list
    • Estate
    • Bare trust
    • Interest in possession trust
    • Discretionary trust
    • Charitable trust
    • Unauthorised unit trust
    • Employment related trust
    • Heritage maintenance fund
    • Employer financed Retirement Benefit Scheme
  • ‘Does the special trust rate apply?’ Tick the box if the trust is liable to Income Tax at the special trust rates ( the trust rate of 45% or the dividend trust rate of 38.1%)
  • ‘Can settlor benefit from interest or capital? Tick the box if any settlor (or living settlor’s spouse or civil partner) benefit from the capital or income
  • ‘Trustee is participator in underlying non-resident company? Tick the box if the trustee is a participator in an underlying non-resident company (a company that would be a close company if it were resident in the UK)


  • ‘Date of death of deceased’, only available when type of trust is Estate
  • ‘Date trust terminated or administration period ceased’
  • ‘Reason for termination’
  • ‘Is there a trust created from this estate?’ only available when type of trust is Estate

Income to return

This section is available when the type of trust is Estate

  • ‘Trust returns no income or reliefs’
  • ‘Why not?’ When ‘Trust returns no income or reliefs’ is ticked and the type of trust is ‘Interest in possession trust’, then select a reason from the drop down list
    • No income arose
    • All income mandated to beneficiaries
    • All income is UK income with tax deducted
    • All income mandated or UK taxed income
  • ‘Has some taxed income been omitted from this return?’

Trust tax information

  • ‘Number of trusts made by same settlor’
  • ‘Standard rate band’

Additional text note for Tax return

Enter any additional white space notes that you wish to be included on the tax return.