Upgrade licence

To access this option

Go to the SETTINGS icon from the main menu

Select Licence tab

The screen will show which package you are currently licensed for, the maximum user licenses i.e. the number of licences you have purchased, this is only relevant to multi-user accounts.

The screen will show the number of licences that are allocated to users

To upgrade a licence, click on the Upgrade license button

Depending on the package that you are currently subscribing to, the screen will then display the relevant upgrade information

For example a startup user will only have a single user account, when clicking on Upgrade licence they will be presented with the option to choose the type of upgrade they require, increase the number of clients or increase the number of users

Select an option and a new window will open showing you the costs and features for the different packages that are available to you.

Confirm your choice on the next screen and your package will be updated. You will need the new invoice to be paid before you will be able to upgrade again, this will take a few days to be processed.

Upgrades can be done at anytime and are not restricted to your invoice date, should you upgrade midway through your invoice period, a credit for the portion of the subscription that you have not yet used will be automatically credited against your new invoice for the upgrade.