User restrictions within Taxfiler

This function is only available for a multiuser license.

Some functions within Taxfiler can be restricted from a user.

From the SETTINGS icon select Users and select the user that you wish to edit

Select Restrictions tab

You will be presented with several functions which can be selected or removed via a tick box.

For example, should you not want a user to be able to delete a client, tax return or accounts then you would remove the ticks as seen below:

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There is a wizard which can be used to assist with a generalised selection i.e. a junior staff member is restricted from many functional areas.

The attached file shows the areas in the system where there are no restrictions, and where restrictions are available which profiles will have these selected by default, selections made via the wizard can be edited if required.

An administrator has no restrictions and cannot remove their administrator status themselves.

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Restricting access to clients

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