Taxfiler bids to retain trophy after reaching awards final again

Taxfiler is on the cusp of a glorious double after reaching the final of the much sought after Accountancy Excellence Awards for the second year in a row.

Winning the 2018 Accounts Production award was very special, and we’re thrilled that we’ve made it on to the 2019 shortlist to retain our trophy.

What made the win – and the fact that we’re in the final five for two categories this time around again – so precious, is that the ratings of over 12,000 individual accountants determine whether you win.

That’s the opinions of a huge number of highly trained, highly qualified experts in their field.

And having to face down such fierce competition from a strong crowd of rivals to emerge as the winner amplifies the achievement.

In a repeat of last year’s performance, we have been shortlisted in two categories – Accounts Production and Professional Tax.

We must say a massive thank you to all of our customers who have contributed to the high ratings we’ve received through your user reviews on Accounting Web. Without your tremendous support, Taxfiler wouldn’t be topping these charts and we wouldn’t be within grasp of another prestigious victory.

Our director Paresh Patel is attending the awards evening at The Brewery in London and he shared his excitement this week. He says: “I can’t wait for the big reveal to see if we’re going to be a double winner and to find out if we can also scoop the Professional Tax award this time around. Simply getting this far is a massive success in itself though, with such a tough route to reach this stage. I’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone reading this who supported us with such effusive reviews. It’s an exciting time to be part of Taxfiler.”

The award nominations come off the back of six years’ hard work and pioneering, during which Taxfiler has brought the power and scalability of the cloud to the tax and accounting software market. Our cloud suite is used by thousands of practices, enabling accountants to prepare and file tax returns and statutory accounts to Companies House and HMRC.

The awards ceremony is set to be a lot of fun and full of laughter, with

Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan and television announcer – the ‘Voice of God’ – Alan Dedicoat hosting. Fingers crossed it will be another night of cheers and celebration for Taxfiler too! Thanks again to our valued customers and we look forward to seeing some of you on the night and updating everyone with the result before long.

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