• Tax Returns
  • Accounts
  • Bug fixes


  • Updates made to the questionnaire,
    • Where a user has income from foreign property this section will now be included.
    • Added the field for a non-resident to include the number of days spent in the UK in the year.
    • Included a tick box on Income from property to indicate if this is joint income
    • Restricted the drop-down list when selecting the batch questionnaires from the tools menu to only show individuals, as currently this is the only option that is available.
  • Add the new HMRC address for self-assessments to the default list, this is only seen for new users, we are unable to update existing users due to the risk of overwriting their own updated addresses
  • Added the option to set of income losses against capital gains for both self-employment losses and partnership losses on the SA103 & SA104 (See support notes)
  • Included a warning when the amount of income loss being set off against capital gains is larger than the capital gain declared.


  • Added a nominal code for Government grants to the trial balance for FRS102 & FRS105, this account appears under Other Income.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix to correct the following error message received when filing CT600 with attached accounts “Inconsistent duplicate fact values (core: OtherDebtors)
  • Fix to correct the error message received when filing a CT600 with Research and Development claim.
  • Capital Gains computation is now showing the loss when a loss is being used, previously the total was correct, but the display of the breakdown was incomplete