Bulk Taxyear Rollforward

Taxfiler provides a tool which allows the bulk creation (roll-forward) of tax returns for a new tax year. This is found in TOOLS on the Taxfiler menu. This tool is available for SA100, SA800 & SA900.

CT600s are not covered by the bulk roll forward as unlike Self Assessment returns they happen throughout the year.

Running the bulk rollforward

To run the ‘rollforward’ click on TOOLS from the Taxfiler menu and then click on Run Bulk Roll Forward button.

Selecting the year

Use the dropdown selection box to select the year to be created.

Add clients to roll forward

After selecting the year, click + Add clients to select clients to roll forward. A new window will open which will allow you to choose the clients you wish to include.

Client selection window

This window will show the clients that are available to be rolled forward. Clients are included in the selection if:

  • They DO NOT already have a tax return for the selected year.
  • They DO have a tax return for the previous year.

You can filter clients using the client type (Individuals, Partnerships or Trusts) or show all clients. You can also filter on status ( Exclude closed or cancelled returns etc) Use the search clients input to help narrow the search.

Tick the box next to any client(s) you wish to include, or click in the box in the header ‘code‘ to select all listed clients

Click +Add clients button to add the selected clients to the list.

Reviewing the list of clients

You can continue to use the client selection dialog to add more clients to the list, by clicking on the +Add clients to list… button.

Clients can be removed from the list by ticking the box next to a client(s) and clicking x Remove clients from list button .

Rolling forward

When the list of clients to roll forward is complete, click Rollforward clients button. You will be able to review your final selection before confirming the roll forward, click on the Roll forward button to confirm and finalise

After confirming, the tax returns will be created, and a confirmation window will open.

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