Near the top of the page in Taxfiler there is a menu ribbon to access different areas of the site.

  • HOME – returns to the HOME page which is the first page you will see after login.
  • JOBS – shows a list of all jobs when Practice Management is enabled.
  • RETURNS – shows a list of all Tax Returns that have been created in the system.
  • ACCOUNTS – shows a list of all sets of accounts that have been created in the system.
  • VAT – shows a list of clients where a VAT number has been entered in the details page
  • CLIENTS – allows viewing and creating of clients.
  • DIARY – a facility for tracking client deadlines
  • Help icon – gives quick access to support files
  • Spanner icon – TOOLS access to any Taxfiler tools available under your subscription.
  • COG icon SETTINGS – allows you to edit your Taxfiler settings.
  • Network icon CONNECTIONS – allows connections to third parties

Above the menu at the top right of the page your email address is shown, along with a link which allows you to logout of Taxfiler.