This page is accessed by clicking CLIENTS on the menu. The page shows a list of clients on file. Click on the code , displayed in blue, to access the client details.

New clients can be added by clicking on + Create New Client. There is also the option for certain products to ‘Restore archived client’

Searching clients

You can click on the Search clients box and enter text to search on. The search will scan all of the following fields for matching text:

  • Client code (e.g. “ABC/1”)
  • Client name (e.g. “smith”)
  • UTR (e.g. “12345678” or “55750”)

The search is not case-sensitive. All matching clients will be displayed in the list.


Click on a column header to sort the list. Click again to reverse the direction of the sort.

For additional information on setting up clients and types of clients click here