Data Entry

Tax Return data is entered through the Data Input tab within the Tax Return.

There are many different data sections that can be added, depending on the Tax Return type. Read more.

To add a new item click + Add a new section….

To upload XBRL accounts (for company returns) click Attach accounts.

To upload other PDF files for inclusion with the Tax Return, click Add an attachment.

If the tax return has been prepared for filing then further changes are not allowed and the options to add new data or attachments will not be present.

The data input tab lists the information that has already been entered into the return. Some items can be entered only once (for example, Capital Gains or Front Page details) and other types can have multiple entries (for example, employments, trades etc).

To edit an item click on the description to open the relevant data input screen.

There are times when the Attach accounts and the Add an attachment buttons do not work. Most of the time this is due to browser settings or the interaction of the browser with the computer’s operating system. The workaround is usually to try the operation in a different browser.

Adding a new data item

To add a new data item, click +Add a new section.... This will open a list containing the types of data applicable to the current Tax Return type and tax year. Click on the type of data you wish to add and you will be taken to the data input screen for that type of data.

Some items of data can only have one entry for a Tax Return and these will be crossed out from the list and cannot be selected. Items already added can be edited by closing the list (using the X) and selecting the item from the list of items on the data input screen.

Uploading accounts

For Company Tax Returns XBRL accounts can be uploaded by clicking Attach accounts. Use Browse or Choose file to select the XBRL file to upload, then click Upload.

Uploading attachments

Additional attachments in PDF form can be uploaded by clicking Add an attachment. Use Browse or Choose file to select the PDF file to upload, then click Upload.