Tax Return tabs

When you click on a Tax Return you will be taken to a screen with a number of tabs.

  • Status’ The Status tab shows a brief summary of the current Tax Return status. For some tax returns (e.g. individuals) you will also be able to see a summary of the computation and tax payable, and to download or print a summary report. Where applicable you can also enter details of any Tax payments made in the year.
  • Data Input The Data Input tab is where you input most of the data needed to complete the tax return. See Data Entry. You can also use this tab to upload Company Accounts or PDF attachments. All the data items and attachments are summarised here.
  • Partners’ Shares‘ The Partners’ Shares section only appears on a partnership tax returns. This is where you allocate the partnership share of profits, losses, other income and tax paid to the partners.
  • Computation’ The computation tab only appears for Corporate Returns. It shows the company tax computation and provides buttons to download a PDF copy or view the XBRL computation.
  • Tax calculation‘ ‘Tax Calculation tab‘ appears for SA100, R40 and SA900 Returns. It shows the tax calculation and includes a button to download the calculation as a PDF file.
  • Tax Return‘ This tab allows you to preview the Tax Return and download a PDF copy.
  • Review & File‘ The Review & File tab is used to validate and prepare the Tax Return for filing. After the Tax Return is validated and the IRmark has been generated, this tab allows the download of PDF files which include the Tax Return, Declaration, Computation (if applicable) and Summary for sending to the client. This tab is also used to submit the Tax Return to HMRC and to show HMRC messages for a successful or failed submission.
  • Details tab’ The client/case details tab shows details of the client and tax return, and allows editing of key information. If you have permission to delete Tax Returns, this tab will also have a Delete case button. See Deleting a Tax Return.

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