Entering company or business details for the accounts

Company or business details for a set of accounts are entered via the Details tab of the accounts preparation page.


  • Save changes saves any changes to the database. Note that changes will automatically be saved if you switch to another tab of the accounts page.
  • Go to client switches to the main edit page for the client.
  • Delete accounts deletes this set of accounts. Please note that deleted accounts cannot be restored.


  • Current period – start date‘ the start date of the accounting period.
  • Current period – end date‘ the end date of the accounting period

Comparative period (optional)

  • Comparative period – start date’ the start date of the comparative period.
  • Comparative period – end date’ the end date of the comparative period.

Business information

  • Company number’ the company registration number, this is applicable to companies and LLP’s
  • Business name’ the business name as it is to appear on the accounts, this is applicable to sole traders, partnerships and LLP’s
  • Incorporated‘ select from the drop down list the country where the company is registered.
  • Registered office‘ the registered office of the company.
  • Trading address’ the address of the business if required, this is applicable to sole traders and partnerships
  • Accountant‘ select your branch which is to appear in the business information section. If you are unable to select an address, it is probably because there is no entry in the office/branch/department tab within the SETTINGS module, and this will need to be added.
  • Name of accountant‘ displays the name of the selected office/branch/department.
  • Address of accountant’ displays the address of the selected office/branch/department.
  • Name of company secretary‘ the name of the company secretary (if applicable). This is applicable for companies


This section will be present for companies and LLP’s

  • Company is trading?‘ tick this box if the company is trading.
  • Company has never traded?‘ tick this box if the company has never traded. Please note that this will only be enabled if you do not have the Company is trading box ticked.
  • Company is dormant?’ tick this box if the company is dormant. This will add to the declaration at the foot of the Statement of Financial Position for FRS 102 and FRS 105 formats. It is not a requirement of companies house to show the word ‘Dormant’ on the front cover of the accounts. If you wish to add the word Dormant to the title you can do this by going to the Contents tab, go to the Cover Sheet line and click on Edit and add to the title.
  • Company is being wound up?‘ tick this box if the company is in the process of being wound up

Directors during the period

This section will only be present for companies.

Use the grid to enter details of all the directors who served during the period.

  • Name‘ the name of the director.
  • Date appointed‘ the date of appointment (if applicable).
  • Date resigned‘ the date of resignation (if applicable).
  • Gender‘ the gender of the director. This is used to introduce the correct text when there is only one director. (e.g. his or hers).

To delete a line from a grid, click the ‘trash can’ button at the end of the line.

Designated members

This is only applicable to LLP’s, a list of members will be displayed, select the designated members by ticking the box next to their name, there should be at least two designated members.

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