This page is accessed by clicking SETTINGS (cog icon) on the menu ribbon. The SETTINGS page contains several tabs. Some tabs will be visible only to administrators.

  • Office/Branch/Department‘ Lists your offices, branches and departments and allows you to add and edit them. You should create at least one office in order to include your details on a client tax return.
  • Bank account(s)’ Lists bank accounts that you have setup for processing repayments to clients if the repayments are being sent to you. You only need to set up an account if you wish to include your account details on a tax return as the nominee for a tax repayment.
  • Online Filing Passwords‘ This is where you enter your Gateway Agent User ID and password, and specify the default email address for receiving submission receipts.
  • Users This is where you can maintain the list of users who can login to your Taxfiler database. If you have a multi-user licence then you can add new users. You will also use this tab to change your login email address or password.
  • HMRC Offices‘ This contains a pre-populated list of tax offices that you can edit.
  • Practice Management This is where you are able to enable or disable the practice management module incorporated in TaxFiler software.
  • HMRC VAT/MTD This is the tab where you need to enter your agent services account details in order to access HMRC online data for Self assessments and /or MTD VAT
  • Iris OpenSpace this is the link to the IRIS OpenSpace portal where you can enter your IRIS OpenSpace username and password, or create an account if you are a PRO or TEAMS user.
  • Billing’ Lists your Taxfiler invoices and allows you to download and print your VAT receipt.