HMRC Errors

As there is an entry in box 6 on page SES 1 of form SA103S but box 5 is absent, the amount in box 9 must be below ( [£82,000] x number of days / (365 or 366) ) where number of days equals the number of days from [6 April 2015] to box 6 on page SES 1 of form SA103S inclusive. Please check.

This happens when the the box to use the Short Self Employment form is ticked, but the turnover in the period is too high to use the short form and so the box should be unticked.

A submission for the user and tax year has already been succesfuly made. If amendment(s) are required you will need to make an amended submission

If a return has already been filed, it will need to be refiled as amended return rather than original. To file an amended return you need to cancel the current submission (make sure that HMRC have received an original return that has been accepted not rejected, if the return has been rejected there is no need to submit the return as amended).

Context entity identifier (xxxxxx) does not match Company Reference Number (uk-bus:UKCompaniesHouseRegisteredNumber)

There are two possibilities.

Firstly it could be a mismatch between the UTR and the Company Number, with your UTR being used by another company. In this case re-check the UTR. Clearly you should also double check your Company Number, but it is usually the case that the UTR is wrong.

Otherwise there could be a block on filing by HMRC, which can be done for perfectly innocuous reasons (such as a company that has been dissolved and then re-registered). The messages are not always the most helpful. This can only be resolved by calling up HMRC.

CRN on the submission does not match the CRN for this UTR

The error indicates that you have the wrong UTR for the company. The Company number and Unique taxpayer reference (UTR) boxes can be found in the Client/case details tab.

Date of signing Directors Report (uk-direp:DateSigningDirectorsReport) is missing. Name of Director signing Directors Report (uk-direp:DirectorSigningReport) is missing

This usually means that there are no directors set up which can be changed by going the Edit box next to Directors’ report (required) in the Contents tab. Both the name of the director and date of signing can be entered here.

This error can sometimes occur when abbreviated accounts are uploaded to a tax return without a directors report. You cannot submit abbreviated accounts to HMRC. Ensure you are uploading full accounts which include a directors report where required.

Element ‘{}IncomeSource’;: This element is not expected. Expected is ( {}Totals )

There is a limit of 20 lines on the foreign dividend section when submitting on line. HMRC suggest combining multiple entries into a single line with “None” as the country to ensure there are not more than 20.

Embedded script or executable code is not permitted in Inline XBRL documents submitted to HMRC. Please remove and re-submit

Unfortunately Kaspersky Anti-Virus software seems to corrupt XBRL files when they are downloaded by injecting a script into the file. Scripts are not allowed in iXBRL files. Kaspersky are aware of this issue and we understand that they have recently introduced an option to turn off the script injection. If you have an option in your Kaspersky Settings (under Network Settings) labelled “Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages” then you should be able to turn it off. However, we only recommend doing this if you are comfortable with modifying your anti-virus settings – if applicable please seek advice from whoever maintains your computers and/or network.

The other way to avoid the problem is to transfer the accounts directly from the accounts module onto the tax return in Taxfiler without downloading the accounts. Do this through the “Check & File” tab of the accounts. Ensure the accounts are finalised and then approved and then you should see an option to attach the accounts to a tax return. If you click the button to attach and follow the instructions then the accounts will be attached directly to the return without being downloaded and so your anti-virus software will not be able to affect the process.

Generic dimension member has no associated name or description item

There are a number of error associated with this error message:

  • ‘Generic dimension member (uk-bus:OrdinaryShareClass1) has no associated name or description item
  • ‘Generic dimension member (uk-bus:OrdinaryShareClass2) has no associated name or description item
  • ‘Generic dimension member (uk-bus:PreferenceShareClass1) has no associated name or description item

This error is usually because there is a phantom line or a missing description in one of the equity areas, in this case ordinary shares within the accounts. Please take note of the need to reattach the accounts after the screenshot.

You can fix this by going in to the Share Capital note within the accounting module and looking for a line which is otherwise blank but which has a “dustbin” on the right hand side. You will need to delete that blank line. Alternatively, can you enter the details of the shares held if there is a missing description.

After that you will need to reattach the accounts to the CT600.

Keys in the GovTalkDetails do not match those in the IRheader

This happens when the client UTR details have been changed after locking the return and generating the IRmark. In this case you will need to cancel the IRmark, check the UTR, then resubmit.

No original Return yet recorded, please contact the Helpdesk (CTISS002)

The ‘amended’ flag has been ticked in the software, but no original return has been submitted. The amended flag will need to be unticked and the return re-submitted.

Unable to lookup taxpayer details

The UTR is not recognised, either it has been entered incorrectly or the company has been dissolved.

The UTR reference tag is missing

This error message normally indicates that accounts are being attached using the Add an attachment button instead of the Attach accounts button. If you use this button the accounts should attach without issue.